Community Food Growing Pilot Project

The Let's Get Growing! project is a pilot to explore how we can encourage communities to expand their knowledge and produce their own food through community food growing projects across the country.

Consuming organic and whole foods is increasingly important for the health of our families and communities. While we can shop more consciously and make better choices, we can also strive to come together in order to eat more locally and sustainably.

Home-grown produce free from pesticides, preservatives, or packaging.

We'd like to find ways to make it easier for people to grow their own - be that in community allotments, your garden patch, or even a window box!

We want to support, via our platforms and channels, everyone who grows their own veg, and bring people together to share tips, knowledge, and expertise.

Based at Barmolloch Farm, in Argyll, we are currently experimenting with how to engage local communities, as well as supplying veg boxes locally alongside some semi-prepared produce for easy use at home.

Let's Get Gowing project gardeners wearing Heal Scotland and Scotland's Wild Medicine jumpers, in a polytunnel surrounded by veg and carrying their fresh organic produce in a basket.
Growing Healthy Produce at Barmolloch Farm in Argyll

The project is in its infancy, but the aim is that we can develop practices, tools, and resources that can be duplicated and used in similar settings and communities across the country. As with everything Heal Scotland, the aim is to educate, inspire, and support people in developing healthy habits and lifestyle.

If you would like to contribute to Let's Get Growing! in any way or have knowledge or expertise that can drive our aims forward, we'd love to hear from you! Please get in touch by email.