Unstoppable Mums

As it stands, the mamas of the household are still responsible for buying 80-85% of the food, which means it falls upon us to buy foods that will nourish our children's bellies, bodies and brains.

Inspired by the amazing Zen Honeycutt, who founded Moms Across America to create a national coalition of unstoppable Moms, we would like to create the same for Scotland to bring parents together for support and encouragement.

As you will learn from Zen's personal story of healing her sons from life-threatening allergies, we can make choices that are literally life-changing to our children.

It can, however, seem like a daunting or overwhelming thing to embark on. Especially on your own.

So where do we start?

  • Avoidance of GMO's and carcinogenic weed and pest killers.
  • Choosing organic food wherever financially possible and if the market provides.
  • Encouraging our children with more live foods, ferments, and sourdoughs (partially broken down), all of which assist the body to digest and create more energy and clarity.
  • Avoidance of toxins in water, air, household cleaners, personal use products, and toothpaste.

Though this project is in its infancy, you can connect with other parents in our growing Facebook community group here.

You can also listen to our podcast interview with Zen and be sure to look out for more information and resources being added to this page and throughout our blog.