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Practicing Radical Self Care to heal ourselves and our planet.
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META Transformation and Radical Self Care Coach

Hi, I am Mairi and I am passionate about encouraging us all to practice Radical Self Care to heal ourselves and our planet.

Radical Self Care is for anyone who wants to play their part in healing the mess we are in here on Earth. It is based on the premise that if we take better care of ourselves, we will automatically start to take better care of our planet.

We begin by focusing on our own self-healing. Whether we are experiencing minor ailments or serious physical or mental illness they are all invitations to transform and change. Illness is not random, it has a purpose, there is a deeper meaning in the symptoms we experience.

My work is about inspiring, encouraging and supporting you to understand, why me, why this, why now and what can I do about it?  By identifying the root emotional cause of your disease or distress a whole new paradigm opens up, an opportunity to step out of our current trajectory into a whole other stream of consciousness.

We all have the capacity to be happier, healthier and free. This mind body knowledge offers us the freedom to choose, it empowers and transforms our relationship with ourselves, those around us, and our whole world.

Please visit my website, if you are curious and would like to know more book a free consultation, it gives us a chance to meet, discuss your issue, to answer questions and to decide what is the best direction for you. I am also keen share the META health and META Consciousness information through talks and workshops and happy to travel to do so.  I also offer Radical Self Care workshops in person and online, Effective EFT courses and individual EFT sessions as well META Transformation Packages for those seeking a deeper dive.

As we move closer to our true authentic selves we start to shine our light in the world. We become more fully aligned with our part in the healing of our world. As we heal the world heals.

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