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Haven House Art - A Sanctuary of Creative Flow. Healing delivered through in-person and online courses, retreats in the Scottish Highlands, Wellbeing Coaching and Kundalini Energy Healing Sessions, led and guided by Lisa McDonald.
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Creative Therapist, Wellbeing Coach, Energy Healer, Artist

Inspiring Art, Workshops, Sanctuary, Retreats, Energy Healing and Painting Lessons with Lisa McDonald. I help those who are lost, broken and empty to find their way back to wholeness, through inspired art, meditation, creativity, energy healing, workshops and retreats. Having overcome decades of sickness, disease and mental health struggles, it brings me such joy to share the practices with you, that enabled me to step completely into my fullness and enable my light to shine brighter than ever. After leaving university in 2000 a corporate path in IT Project Management was forged – driven by money and status – but it wasn’t ‘me’. By 2009, what had initially been a mere dalliance with paints and something partaken part-time became a full-blown passion and an unstoppable desire to create. The creative dream had been born and was something I had to pursue, no matter what. I followed that creative dream to the stunning, rugged and wild far north of Scotland, and eventually to a beautiful 200 year old house on the cliffs, in Caithness, called Haven House. Shortly after moving into our home in 2013 my health began to decline. Several autoimmune conditions were diagnosed, including endometriosis and inflammatory bowel disease. At my worst I could only eat 10 items of food, and my mental health took a serious dip. There were days I could barely get out of bed. Deep down I knew that all of my sickness was happening for a reason – to bring me closer to ‘me’ than I had ever been. As I worked through every ailment or episode of sickness, I would feel lighter and more unburdened. Like peeling an onion, instead of seeing each layer as an obstacle I would see it as an opportunity to grow and a layer to discard in order to reach my potential. This process went on for several years, until early 2020, when I had a very profound kundalini awakening, that purged away the last remnants of sickness and disease. Not only did the kundalini awakening heal me, but it awoke in me the ability to feel people's auras, and access the akashic records, via light language, which now flows very powerfully through my hands and my voice. When I am in the healing zone, I am not only assisted by my guides, but your guides too, and an angelic realm that work with me. I use my intuition to release energetic blocks in the body that have caused sickness, physical symptoms and emotional trauma. I have a yurt in the garden, in Caithness in which I deliver the healing sessions, but they can also take place online. It is now my joy and purpose to teach and bring you the tools that enabled my transformation, from sickness to wellness, to a full blown kundalini awakening and gift you with the ability to step out in your wellbeing journey, on a similar path, that has brought me from despair to exuberance, complete wellness and vitality. May you be Led by the Light wherever it takes you… Sign up to my newsletter to be kept in the loop with retreats, workshops, painting classes and online tuition. Email me at to book an initial chat for some Wellbeing Coaching or for a Kundalini Energy Healing session. Follow my Facebook and Instagram pages to follow my journey and to receive ongoing daily tips for your own healing journey.
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