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The place to be if you are experiencing a life transition
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Life Transitions Coach and Community Support Network

Hello, I’m Sheena Taylor, Integrative Psychotherapist and Life Transitions Coach.  I set up Healing Connections Community to serve as a resource for people who are experiencing major life transitions.  

Having worked as a Psychotherapist for many years, I developed a real interest in working with clients who were facing transitions, either related to their stage of life or to major life events.  Change is an integral part of life, but often people fear the unknown and try to hang on to the status quo. My own experience of navigating times of transition has given me a profound awareness of the challenges that often accompany such times.

I view myself as a guide who has travelled the terrain and can walk alongside you on your personal journey of self discovery.  My role is to support you in developing the inner resources to successfully navigate your life passage and to emerge from the process feeling enriched and renewed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I offer Life Transitions Coaching using an in-depth, focused approach which will give you the tools you need to reorient your life and embark upon a new pathway.  My extensive experience as a Psychotherapist has given me a deep understanding of the nature of the resistance that clients often have in relation to letting go of old patterns.  I believe that I am uniquely placed to support you if you are currently in a place where you feel stuck and are longing to change your life.

Experiencing a life transition can sometimes feel like a lonely place and at times you may well feel disconnected from others.  Becoming a member of Healing Connections Community can enable you to connect with other people who may be in a similar position and have the opportunity to give and receive support.

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