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Holistic Healer & Life Mentor - delve in together to explore new ways of being
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Transformational Guide and Therapist

Thank you for visiting my page. It’s exciting you are here - are you interested in delving deeper into who you are and what you are about? If so read on! I am always exploring the why and expanding my learning around our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, raising awareness to be all of who we truly are. You might have a specific challenge you want to address or you might be looking for new ways to expand yourself. Whatever the route we delve in together to explore and create shifts and new ways of being. I have the immense privilege of working with professionals, healers and creatives supporting them to live the life they know is possible using their own unique and incredible gifts. My clients and students are game-changers; seeking their why and committed to their own growth, which is a joy and an honour to witness and be a part of. Initiating change. Supporting and teaching you how to love yourself, not just thinking you love yourself but truly loving yourself inside and out. Supporting you in the magical transition of accepting all of yourself and overcoming the old patterns of behaviour that hold you back, that drain your energy and that creates conflict with self and others. Unlocking the blind spots to feel the freedom within you. I hold weekly classes, healing sessions and one to one coaching. All of which can be viewed and booked on my website and events page. If you have any questions I would love to chat, please email me or connect on Instagram and Facebook and I will get back to you ASAP.
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