What is Dream Therapy?

Dreams have been used for thousands of years to connect with the self, receive spiritual illumination, and improve health. In Ancient Greece and Egypt, dream temples were built frequently to promote a sacred space for healing accessible to all. Tibetans were known to work with the oneiric world in order to reach enlightenment.

Shamans, from all over the world, have been, and still are, connecting to this incredible sleeping world in order to bring back wisdom, power, cure and special dimensions to their patients' consciousness.

The unconscious mind, according to Freud, is a part of the mind one cannot see, yet such an important one. Our emotions, feelings, and daily experiences are stored there, sometimes imprinted incredibly deeply in the unconscious mind. Dreamwork is then a stunning process of excavation, exploration, love and release of these hidden, unhealed part of ourselves.  

Dream therapy is a way to approach, reveal, and integrate the unlimited resources and treasures of the psyche. The therapist guides the client to connect to his/her dream world. Together, they dive in, bring back awareness and peace in order to heal and create new narratives which will later positively affect the conscious mind.

Benefits of Dream Therapy

How can dream therapy help you on your self-development and healing journey?

  • The unconscious mind unveils the roots of emotions. By deciding to work with this part of you, you gain in clarity, but also can see more obviously the next steps necessary to take your well-being towards a new, healthy direction.
  • Observing, becoming conscious of your dreams can be a very meditative experience, strengthening an existing mindfulness practice.
  • New healthy patterns can be generated through re-entering particular dreams. As you play with the existing outcome, you, as a result, train your brain to imagine a different ending.
  • You learn about yourself at a deeper, more authentic level. Facing the unconscious mind, you realise there are no ways to hide any more. This work requires a strong commitment to love yourself unconditionally.
  • A connection to suppressed traumas and fears is opened and fed. Dream therapy becomes a safe, gentle space to explore them with compassion.
  • You can also work with recurring nightmares, understand why they come up, and change the narrative to free them from your unconscious mind.
  • You explore your own strength and beauty. You are no longer unresponsive, but take action, make  changes, empower yourself.
  • You consciously create a dedicated space to build a healthier, happier, more creative way to live your life.

How can you start working with your dreams today?

Many people tell me they have troubles dreaming or remembering their dreams. The reality is that we all dream multiple times a night. Reclaiming our dream world is then, only a matter of commitment and practice.

Step 1 : Remembering Your Dreams

This ritual is a good one to experiment with if you wish to reprogram your brain to recall your dreams. I have used it for many years and am always amazed to witness how quickly it works. Before going to bed, simply set the intention to remember your dreams vividly the next morning. It can be as simple as that.

As an energy healer, I work a lot with crystals. I have been programming a specific crystal to support this intention and hold it in my hand while reciting the intention.

It may not work the first, second or third night, but with practice it will become more and more efficient and rapid.

Another important aspect is to write your dream as soon as you wake up. When your conscious self emerges, the dream will quickly fade away, and you will not be able to remember it as vividly.

Step 2 : Recording Your Dreams

Writing down my dreams is a sacred moment for me. I invite you to buy a lovely journal and a special pen that you can use to make it as pleasant and ceremonial as possible. When you wake up, record your dream first thing. Note the details, the colours, the emotions. 

Notice how you perceive the dream, but also your general feeling around it.

Step 3 : Start to Shift

By documenting how you feel, you start noticing if emotions are arising. Create space for them. If possible, spend a few minutes with yourself and the emotion that is coming up. What messages does it carry? If you want to go even further, find a guided meditation to work on releasing what need to be expressed.

Charlotte Chevalier, Deep into Soul

I am Charlotte, the face behind Deep Into Soul.

I created my business to combine and offer therapies that made the difference in my personal healing journey and recovery from illness, grief and abuse.

Initially trained in tourism and hospitality, my life took a huge turn when I moved away from France, my home country, and settled in Scotland five years ago. I immediately was directed to put more energy into what I truly loved and helped me : Crystal Healing, Dreamwork and Shamanism.

Along the years, I obtained different diplomas, started training alongside my current and previous shamanic mentors in order to develop my skills, feed my heart-call.

I opened Deep into soul three years ago, and have been since then creating spaces for others to drop in and expand.

Please connect with me on Instagram if you'd like to dive into dream therapy more. You can find the rest of my details and info in the Heal Scotland find support directory and keep an eye on the events calendar for online offerings from me.

Sep 12, 2023

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