Heal Scotland is a not-for-profit organisation that provides educational resources & events to help the people of Scotland take control of their health & well-being to live the best possible quality of life.

Why are we on this mission?

Because so many people are suffering. Health has turned into a profit-making machine for big pharma and an increasingly corrupt food industry, meanwhile we’re operating from an outdated view of the body, physics, and the importance of community.

Diet & exercise isn't enough. It's time to be bold, to re-charge, take back our innate power, re-connect with nature, and with each other.

Heal Scotland aims to make this easier by raising awareness, sharing valuable information & resources, and bringing people together via events and the creation of supportive communities across the country. We're on a mission to help educate, inspire, and support people so they can take care of themselves using simple methods and protocols - and doing so in a way that is accessible, approachable, and fun!