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The Heal Scotland membership puts you at the heart of a community dedicated to creating meaningful connections and helping you share your gifts with those who need them most.

You have a beautiful business with the power to exponentially help others achieve optimum health and well-being, whether that's through the products you sell or the services you provide.

Serving your customers and clients is a dream, and incredibly rewarding. However, as wellness entrepreneurs, marketing yourself can be overwhelming - I know from experience.

If we’re honest, it often takes away from the work we really love and believe in…
  • Creating a fabulous, expansive event or offer only to spend hours upon hours stressing, trying to get the word out there to make it all worthwhile.
  • Knowing you’ve so much magic, knowledge, and expertise to share but just need more opportunities to get in front of the right people.
  • Feeling queasy about selling and self-promotion.
  • Becoming overwhelmed by social media, resisting the need to spend all that time on there rather than actually serving our amazing customers and clients.
Imagine if some of that load was lightened?

We’ve been building an engaged audience for Heal Scotland over the last few years, and are now really excited to be able to bring everyone to a unified platform that is dedicated to connecting those who are on a healing journey with the resources, people, and organisations that can truly help them.

- Founder
finding the solutions

The 'Find Support' directory was designed to help easily connect those with a problem, to those with a solution.

It’s the result of Lilia’s 20+ years of working with, on the one hand, countless clients and acquaintances looking for answers and results, while meeting hundreds of heart-led, impact-driven entrepreneurs on the other. Now it’s time to bring them together to connect and help meet the needs of both.

The health & wellness directory is just one part of the membership, and people come to the community and platform for a number of different reasons...

  • Dealing with a diagnosis
  • Overcoming mental health issues
  • Striving to live a more conscious or sustainable lifestyle
  • Personal & spiritual development
  • Treating physical pain & injury
  • Losing weight or getting fit & healthy
  • Sourcing local, organic produce
  • Wanting to shop locally & ethically
  • Finding a tribe of like-minded folk

The membership directory is a place for trusted individuals and organisations to share what they have to offer, while those in need can easily search, filter, and discover solutions. From practitioners, coaches, and therapists, to wellness centres, retreat venues, and even product-based businesses who sell healthy food, eco-conscious wares, or anything that enhances personal health & well-being…we want to be the health & wellness hub for Scotland and encourage a sense of community along the way.

What’s included?

Exclusive to members…

  • Your personalised profile page in the Find Support directory to help people find you, connect with you, and book/buy your services.
  • Advertise your upcoming online and in-person workshops, retreats, and classes via the Heal Scotland events calendar (which has had over 34k views to date) and is the highest viewed page on our website.
  • Apply to also feature your offers on additional banner/display ads throughout the website.
  • Tap into our growing email list of 2000 (and counting) engaged subscribers to showcase your offers, to which we send regular mail shots and monthly newsletters including member spotlights.
  • Join the Heal Scotland Health & Well-being community group on Facebook (currently 4.8k people) and be assigned as a group expert, able to post and advertise as often as you want.
  • Contribute to and/or take the lead on our free monthly challenges and events to raise awareness of you and your offerings.
  • Write featured posts for the blog to highlight your knowledge & expertise.
  • Go live with Lilia (streamed across all platforms) and/or go on the Help Your Cells podcast.
  • And of course, become an integral part of Heal Scotland movement on a mission to change the trajectory of Scotland's health picture!
Pay just £9 per month.

Discounted/concession memberships available for startups and those experiencing financial difficulties, please just mention in your application.

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