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Be Daring Enough to Listen to Yourself
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Holistic Health & Intuition Coach

Are you stuck? Do you feel held back by invisible blocks? Emotional baggage? Or struggle to know which diet to pick?

I use an intuitive approach, energy healing and practical evidence-based health coaching. Because YOU ARE MORE THAN JUST YOUR BODY. Your emotions, your thoughts and your diet are all adding up to your overall health and well-being.  

One client's feedback:
'I am a lot happier than I was and under current covid 19 climate it is a blessing that I had this opportunity with Arleta, so I am much more aligned to cope than I may have been if I didn’t have her coaching. I make positive choices because I have more knowledge about the foods my body needs and following my intuition.'

Intuition is your most valuable and free resource to tap into for making decisions.  Whether it is a decision about your career change, life partner, or your lunch, intuition is there to guide you.

It takes practice, intuition has to be exercised like any other muscle but with regular exercise, you can learn how to use it and start improving in all areas of your life. And yes it is available for everyone, that means you too! You don't need to be born special or have rare abilities.

Theta healing technique is an energy healing modality. It is fast, effective and works for physical and emotional conditions. The ultimate point is to get to the bottom of the issue and remove the root cause, often a limiting belief.

A 2-hour coaching session to help you quickly address your #1 most urgent health or life issue.

This program is designed to help you reconnect to your inner strength & guidance using my 3-way coaching process: reclaim your energy by creating physical well-being, regain your subconscious mind as a supportive party in your life, reconnect with yourself and your inner knowing by releasing heavy emotions.

Arleta has been described by her clients as a transformational guide, wise beyond her years, compassionate, generous, kind and inspirational.

'[I] aspire to be my own version of the qualities, virtues and values she sends out that is natural to her. I am deeply grateful to her and what she has done for me.'

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Create more harmony in your life, a healthier body, better relationships, and get more energy by tapping into your intuition.


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