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Chen-style tai chi and qigong with silk-reeling - mind-body training
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Tai Chi Instructor

Hi - tai chi is the martial art that I love to practice and to share through teaching. I was introduced to Tai Chi in the 1980's, alongside Iyengar yoga and Shiatsu. Chen-style is my favorite style, and I am very fortunate to have a really special teacher, Grand Master Wang Haijun. The practice of tai chi is very much a continuing process of development throughout one's life. What can it do for you? It provides simple, gentle, everyday practices that can be applied even as you stand in a queue or sitting in your car, or involved in a strenuous sport, wherever you find yourself. Tai Chi creates a foundation, both mental and physical, which will support you throughout your work and play. You learn to direct and use your body efficiently, as you build your practice. This is why athletes such as tennis players include it in their training, as it promotes a fluidity of movement, balance and awareness. Barmolloch Cottages, in Argyll, is one of my favourite venues, and I am regularly in Edinburgh. The best way to contact me, initially, is via email at for workshops, one-to-one sessions, zoom online. See you soon! Diana
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