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Realise your full potential - connect to your True Self through high-vibration sound healing and spiritual life guidance.
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Sound healer and Self-development Life Coach

I believe that each person can lead a happier, more peaceful, more joyful life! Well-being is at the core of life and it's time we connect with that well-being in our own lives! The work I offer is both in person and online, in private sessions as well as group sessions. If you're wanting to connect deeper to your Heart, to your inner life, to clear your energy (chakras), expand your light, then Sound bath meditations will be great for you. If you're struggling to find balance in life in any way, if you're wanting to move forward or if you find yourself experiencing same situations, repeating patterns in your life (different people, different places, same issues!), then 1-to-1 sessions will be perfect for you. If you've recently discovered there is more to life than just this physical body, if you've recently awakened to your spiritual self, started meditating, started having vivid or lucid dreams, if you've just started on your journey of spirituality then both 1-to-1 sessions and Sound bath meditations will be suitable for you. You're welcome to have a free introductory 1-to-1 private session with me. Please call or text me, write me an e-mail or connect via the website. For Sound bath sessions please visit the website or Facebook page for dates and locations or write me an e-mail. At the moment the in-person Sound bath events take place in Glasgow, Bellshill and Oban. Online Sound bath meditations are weekly and you can attend them live or via recording. I've been guiding Sound healing sessions, meditation classes, retreats and workshops for many years now. As well as teaching groups and offering private sessions I have worked with communities and non-profit organisations helping to improve the state of holistic well-being. I combine my scientific background as a Doctor in Natural Sciences with a passion for spiritual and holistic well-being. I interact with many people every week and the healing, gratitude and grace that flow as a results of this work is beyond what I can describe. It's just so wonderful to see the well-being on Earth expanding person by person, day by day, breath by breath. Meditation and energy work have improved and enhanced my life immensely and I am absolutely sure they will improve and enhance yours! So... do get in touch. The time is now... to live a life of more peace, joyful growth, inner joy and expansion. Much Love, xo Aga
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