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Flow with James Dawson - Find your Flow.
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Coaching / Wim Hof Method / Psychology / Therapy

Hello friends, I am James Dawson.

I am a Certified Wim Hof Method Instructor with qualifications in Psychology, Meditation, Counselling, NLP & Team building/Management.

The business runs Wim Hof Method Workshops, Retreats and 1:1 service providing life changing tools, ideologies, techniques, coaching & therapy. I work from a standpoint of Biochemical Psychology, enhancing the bodys biochemistry, regulating homeostasis in the mind body & soul will in turn give you the strength, health and happiness to face your challenges, overcome trauma, PTSD, mental & physical ailments and set you on the path to a life you deserve.

Life Coaching, facilitation for mindset, physical fitness, relationships, business, nutrition, overall wellbeing.

Team Building & Wellbeing.Building teams through biological and energetic bonding in business, groups & the private sector.

Check out my website and socials via the icon links on this page and view my Wim Hof instructor profile here.

For a free consultation please call 07810457120 or email enquiries to

Your authentic self is only a decision away. Buckle up, move through the river of change & reap the rewards.

Why? Because you are worthy! Be Happy, Be Strong, Be Healthy.


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