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INDIGO BLUE STAR - Multidimensional healing & activation for the mind, body & soul.
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Multidimensional Quantum Healing & Holistic Physical Therapy

Hello beautiful soul, we are Diane & Garry from INDIGO BLUE STAR & SCOTLANDS WOLFE NON SURGICAL.

We are twin souls in divine union and we are located just outside of Glasgow.

About us:

We are multidimensional psychic mediums, galactic channels, light language activators, quantum energy healers and certified New World Practitioners. We are also spiritual guides and mentors for others and have a huge role in assisting humanity at this magical time of global awakening and ascension on our beautiful Mother Earth.  It is our soul purpose to awaken, assist, guide and support other souls on their spiritual and healing journey- the journey back to wholeness, the journey back to your authentic self.  We assist others to RE-member who they are and to become the highest and best version of themselves. As twin souls we embody the energy and frequency of LOVE, DIVINE LOVE and DIVINE UNION and we share that frequency with the earth and humanity- our mission is all about LOVE.

Our ethos is to learn to LOVE and accept yourself unconditionally first and foremost, all the time and every time as that is the basis of all self-healing journeys.  As twin souls we have both had very difficult and challenging paths and have undergone many initiations to prepare us for our roles as healers, coaches, mentors and guides for others. We have battled through many traumas, bereavements, addictions and emotional and physical health problems, we have walked through much darkness to become the light. We draw on our multitude of experiences and the knowledge and wisdom these blessed us with to assist others to begin to LOVE themselves once more, reclaim their power and heal themselves and their lives.  

I have a background in healthcare and spent 20 years working in the NHS latterly as a Nurse Practitioner & Nurse Prescriber, I left the profession in 2022 establishing INDIGO BLUE STAR with Garry after becoming increasingly unaligned with the organisation and it's ethos following my spiritual awakening and the beginning of my holistic health journey in 2018. Garry had his own business for many years and ice cream and grocery vans and was always a listening ear and support for others, he was always a guide for others and was awake to the fact that he was here for a much bigger purpose.

Both of our spiritual awakenings and holistic health journeys were triggered by ill health and physical health problems and led to us seeking solutions outside of the medical system.  In September 2022 we travelled to Ixtapa, Mexico and became double certified whole life coaches and Wolfe non surgical practitioners with Dr Darrell Wolfe and the doc of detox team gaining our New World Practitioner Certification. We are the first certified practitioners in Scotland and are among only a handful in the UK.

Wolfe Non Surgical deep tissue bodywork is the most powerful bodywork available and gets to the root of your emotional and physical health problems, it is a restorative treatment and is not just for symptom relief like many other conventional therapies. We offer whole life coaching alongside this ground breaking treatment to assist you to become your own practitioner- unleashing your power to heal.  Wolfe non surgical deep tissue bodywork brings body tissues and organs back to life by eliminating scar tissue, removing crystallisation and calcification, it naturally restores unhealthy and dehydrated tissue back to it's healthy state, it is effective for a whole host of physical issues and can be used on any part of the body.

We assist and activate others to heal on every level- emotional, physical and spiritual - mind, body and soul using our innate soul gifts, knowledge, wisdom, experience and we are super excited to bring the New World Practitioner ethos, protocols, teachings and therapy to Scotland alongside our other amazing offerings with INDIGO BLUE STAR.  

If you feel called to work with us you can contact us via our INDIGO BLUE STAR business page on Facebook/Instagram or by email. You can also schedule appointments and find out more about our services via Calendly.

For whole life coaching & wolfe non surgical bodywork consultations and treatments contact Garry on Scotlands Wolfe Non Surgical Facebook page or by email  Thank you for your interest in our journey and our heart based business.


Diane & Garry


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