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Consciously create your world, set empowering boundaries, and live in a state of Flow
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Initiator & Transformational Guide

I serve the world as a catalyst for change, having initiated thousands of artists, creatives, healers, and entrepreneurs at the top of their fields to expand into uncharted territory by integrating ritual, practice, healing, and flow. My global mission is to inspire individuals to recognise unique potential & calling, to embrace personal Dharma, and to live an aligned & authentic existence through conscious Ritual and Initiation. Will you join me in creating a new world? My clients, students, and initiates are game-changers and catalysts for evolution, in art, business, and industry, the grandest of dreamers with their feet on the ground! They are often at the top of their field, engaging heart and soul in all they do, inspired by the possibilities of what can be created in every facet of their lives. I am proud and passionate to work with inspired self-starters who are ready for the next level of growth, the alchemists, in the process of reinvention. I empower amazing beings to step into their highest potential, releasing limitation and old patterns of thought and behaviour through focused Private Sessions, and tailored packages For those who are truly ready to walk the path of consciousness, I offer the Embodied Existence program, working 1:1 over the course of 6 months, to create rhythm, ritual, and flow. I offer monthly meditation evenings for subconscious healing, fortnightly New & Full Moon Online Ceremonies harnessing the power of the cosmos, Initiaton Ceremonies for anyone ready to deepen awareness and understanding, and certified Theta Healing courses for anyone wishing to practice professionally. Kambo Ceremonies & Rapeh Ceremonies are offered for anyone wanting to release and heal rapidly using natural medicine. And Crystal Remote Viewing (Past-life Regression) sessions and courses are also offered in-person, resolving lifetimes of outdated patterns. I also offer an few online courses, and my book, The Space Between, sharing grounded guidance for graceful transition If you would like to discuss the most aligned path for you, please get in touch through my website (to email or book a call), I'd love to be a part of your journey!
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