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The Wellness Hub is my space for sharing all about health on so many levels; from foraging and wild foods; from natural products to in-depth research posts; from expert guest posts to delicious plant-based recipes; to live Q+A’s and so much more. I’m a fermentista, a gut health guru, a foraging fanatic, a former food scientist and a passionate plant-based diet advocate. My true passion is gut health and fermenting. Kefir, kombucha, kimchi, sourdough and vibrant ferments in all the colours of the rainbow are a regular part of my diet; I really can’t imagine life without my microbial friends! They add life to my food and years to my life! I’ve been running workshops and events on all aspects of fermenting and gut health for years, as well as using social media to spread my message; I am referred to as the Queen of Fermenting! As a passionate foodie, I am focused on seasonal plant-based, delicious and diverse food to tingle our taste buds, nourish our gut microbes, and support our health - on every level. Foraging is another love, wild food is free, and adds great diversity and resilience to our lives. It connects us to nature and her healing energy. I do daily yoga, I love gardening and overcame my fear of cold water last year, I’m now a cold water enthusiast! Personalised health care is the way forward, gut health is key, knowledge is power, and small steps can make a massive difference to how we feel. While most people are time-pressed, I dedicate lots of time to learn, experiment, cook, grow, ferment, forage and research. My health is my top priority and I will never stop building on a scientific background that serves me well, allowing me to cut through the crap, and believe me there is a lot of misinformation out there, especially when it comes to food, nutrition and health. I have never felt better, and that’s the way I intend to stay, with all my faculties intact, enjoying life, fit, healthy and joyful! Good health is a journey, not a destination; we are all unique individuals who need to find our own path to wellness, to take back our power, to trust our gut intuition and to live our best lives My mission is to create an empowered online wellness community of healthy, happy, vibrant people living their best life and I’d love for you to join us by making the Wellness Hub your destination to start your own journey, to your best health – I’ll be with you every step of the way! Join me at:
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