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Change your Mind - Change your life!
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Mental Health and Well-being Expert

I’m Sharon Tait the owner of
Stait of Mind Ltd - Clinical Hypnotherapy & NLP

I had PTSD, anxiety, depression, binge eating, binge drinking issues and the rest. This was my life for years. After being in a violent relationship with an ex. I was left traumatised but didn’t realise at the time. Too busy just pushing my feelings aside, pretending I was “fine” - until I couldn’t do that any longer. I had a mini stroke. I was not “fine”.
I needed to make changes, I needed to start to heal - so I did.
I wasted a lot of time and effort with counselling at the beginning, it just made me feel worse. Bringing it all up to the surface with no change involved.
I knew medication was not what I was looking for either.
Now I know these things are helpful for some people and that’s great. Not me.
I needed a REAL CHANGE. A deeper change.
When I discovered HYPNOTHERAPY. I remember thinking to myself “Why the f*ck is everyone not doing this?” 😄
I felt better and couldn’t even understand how or why - but I did.
We don’t need to KNOW we need to TRUST.
We are capable of so much more than we give ourselves credit for.
We just need the right guidance and support.
Then our own mind and body can heal themselves, same way they do with a cut on the hand. They know. Healing is natural for the body when we provide the right conditions.
I now have no PTSD symptoms at all. No anxiety or mental health issues that I was experiencing in the past.

I’m now a Clinical Hypnotherapist with 8 years experience running a busy Glasgow clinic.
I have a Diploma in Analytical Hypnotherapy & Cognitive Behavioural Therapy from The Academy of Integrated Hypnotherapy which is fully accredited by General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (GHSC).

Specialising in changing the way people think of Hypnotherapy.

If you have ever “zoned out” during driving, watching a movie or reading a book then you have naturally slipped into a state of Hypnosis. Meaning you can be Hypnotised or guided into a deeply relaxed state of mind. Then that state is then used to focus on the area of change at a deeper level.

Also a Certified Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming from The Scottish Centre of NLP. Updates in neuroscience are proving how valuable these techniques really are for deep rooted re-programming. If your mind seems like it’s against you - it’s not. It’s just following old programs. You need an update. Let me help. 🤓
A trauma release expert with 8 years of experience working to help men, women and children to overcome anxiety, stress, various mental health issues in a natural way.

Also, I’m An energy worker with a keen interest in how the body works in connection with the mind. We can make ourselves sick with worry, by thought alone. Just think what we can do when we use our deeper mind to help us heal.
A certified Reiki Energy Healer with a love for Crystals and Sound Healing Therapy. A diploma in sound healing. 🔮💫🧚 🎶

Most recently I’ve become a certified KPA Kambô Medicina Practitioner. An ancient healing method to purge the body of what we struggle to let go of. Physical Toxins, a cleanse, Emotional baggage, trauma, pain, clearing away the fog. Finding Clarity with the Frog 🐸 A Healing tool of the Amazon that’s becoming more widely known in the Western World. We need it know that’s why it’s here.
Kambô is not for everyone. If you feel called to Kambô Medicina let me know I’d be happy to chat 💬

I am also the Founder of a magical community for women called Warrior Water Women.
We have events for better physical and mental wellness. Cold Water Therapy, Breathwork, Meditation, Group Hypnotherapy, Free gatherings, nature walks and Retreats.

Happy to chat through any of these healing treatments. We are not stuck. Sometimes we just don’t know how to get started. Start with a hello 👋

Even if you don’t know what’s “wrong” - come into the clinic and leave feeling better. Peace in the mind and peace in the body. 💕

My passion is helping men, women and children to become more confident at a deeper level by overcoming the traumas, the pains and worries that stop us from living with peace and joy.

I have a Private Clinic in Glasgow plus I run more affordable Group sessions.
I also have almost 400 spectacular reviews.

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