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Considering the whole picture of health to provide the best dental care
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Holistic Dentist

Considering the whole picture of your health & wellbeing to provide the highest quality dental care using conventional & holistic approaches.

Successful diagnosis & treatment of the patient requires a wide holistic consideration of health. Not only of the teeth and their supporting structures, but also nutrition, environment, toxic exposure, and genetics.

Big Picture

We take into account all aspects of your health & wellness - from structural to dietary, emotional to spiritual, and even genetic - in order to create the best outcome for you.

Root Cause

We don’t just treat your symptoms but truly get to the bottom of how your health is affecting your teeth, and how your teeth are affecting your health.


We design all courses of treatment to be least invasive and have a minimal negative biological impact while maintaining the maximum benefit to you.

Specialist in safe amalgam filling removal, sleep apnoea & snoring, TMJ disorders, and tooth grinding.

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