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Food Addiction Coach

Hi, I'm Hilary, thanks for stopping by!

I'm passionate about finding freedom around food, and helping others to do the same.  A phobia of food as a child resulted in an extremely restricted diet which led to years of chronic fatigue, anxiety, and depression as well as a Binge Eating Disorder.  For the past three decades, I've been exploring the connection between what we eat and how we feel, which led to qualifying as a Nutritional Therapist, Sugar Addiction Coach, and Plant Based Chef.

I now live a life free from sugar and ultra-processed food and am studying towards a Food Addiction Recovery Coach certification so I can help food addicts gain control of their food, health, and well-being.

The Sweet Escape is a new Food Freedom Collective that aims to provide helpful resources, support, and lifestyle tips based on my studies, scientific research, and my own personal recovery journey. I want to help you firstly understand what food addiction is and secondly all the ways that it's possible to kick the habits and find a life free from the shackles of food. All while shining a light on the practices of the media, food companies, and governments that keep us stuck in cycles of addiction, opting for processed foods over natural produce.

If you’re looking for some tips and inspiration on how to cut down on sugar and processed foods, integrate more natural foods into your diet and lifestyle, or if you're struggling with food addiction yourself and need some support, join me on Substack where I share articles and newsletters via The Sweet Escape. It’s a safe community space open to everyone and free from advertisements and algorithms, so you can learn and also connect with others on your journey to food freedom.

You can also find me on Instagram @foodfreedomcollective

I'll share any upcoming events, workshops, courses, and other ways to work with me via both those platforms, but please do also reach out to me personally to connect.

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