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Living a life you love despite the tough challenges
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Transformational Coach - Mindset, Well-being & Behavioural Change

🌟 Welcome to your transformative journey 🌟

Are you ready to embrace life's challenges and rediscover the joy in every moment? I'm Julie, and I'm on a mission to help you live a life you love, regardless of the obstacles life throws your way.

🌼 My Journey, My Mission 🌼

My life took an unexpected turn when I faced a cancer diagnosis at the age of 43. This experience ignited my passion for guiding others through their own life-changing moments. I've made it my purpose to empower you to find peace, happiness and fulfilment in the here and now, without waiting for circumstances to change.

🌈 Holistic Transformation 🌈

As a Transformational Coach, Meaning & Purpose Practitioner, Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Reiki Practitioner, and Herbal Medicine Practitioner, I bring a holistic approach to supporting you. I understand that true healing encompasses the mind, body, and spirit. Together, we'll explore the power of your thoughts over your experience, the significance & meaning that you attach to events, and the benefits of travelling on the path of least resistance towards enhanced health and wellbeing.

🌟 What Sets Me Apart 🌟

What truly distinguishes me is my lived experience and my down to earth approach. I've walked a challenging path, and I understand the value of choosing happiness and joy amidst adversity and the peace that is available by tapping into that part of me that is the constant, unwavering and always ok true self. My approach is deeply compassionate, focusing on what's right with you rather than dwelling on what's wrong. I believe that everyone can find peace and joy even in the most challenging of times and I'm here to help you tap into it.

💫 How I Can Help You 💫

- Transform Your Mindset: Discover the incredible impact of your thoughts on your health & well-being. See your challenges, behaviours and habits in a whole different light.

- Find Meaning & Purpose: Uncover your unique path in life, aligning your actions with your true purpose.

- Mindfulness & Meditation: Learn techniques to reduce stress, enhance mindfulness, and promote emotional and physical healing.

- Reiki Healing: Experience the soothing energy of Reiki to balance your body's natural energy flow.

- Herbal Medicine: Explore natural remedies to support your overall health and well-being.

- Support specifically tailored to a life changing diagnosis. Providing all of the above, along with additional resources, protocols and mentoring.

🌻 What's Next?🌻

If you're ready to embark on this transformative journey with me, take the first step towards a life you love. Reach out to me on for a complimentary consultation, where we can discuss your goals, challenges, and how I can tailor my approach to best support you.

Don't wait to truly live; let's create the life you love together. Choose joy today and let's make every moment count. Your transformation begins here. 💖

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