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Support to move from overwhelm to ease, depletion to radiance
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Wellness Coach + Yoga Instructor

Do you feel like life is passing in a blur? Step out of overwhelm and depletion and reconnect With your body… With your radiance... With your inner wisdom… With the people you love… With joy and all your emotions… With the beauty and rhythms of nature around you. Hello, I am a wellbeing coach and yoga teacher guiding people to transform through radical self-care. I am here to witness you as you connect with your heart, your creativity, your knowing and your core gifts. I am here to encourage you in your journey to free your energy, claim your vitality and live your purpose. I guide you to re-wild your habits and bring more balance to the way you eat, sleep, breathe, move, think and feel. I support you to find rhythm and space in your days, to become more efficient and flowing with your time and energy. In holistic coaching, we take the best of yoga and the wisdom of Ayurveda and apply it to modern life. We transform together through habit change, diet, self-care and understanding, and being held in a dynamic community. We nourish our bodies and minds so that we can build health, resilience and contentment. We review where we are creating energy leaks, stress, symptoms and self-limitation. From intuitive eating to meditation, we create change to re-balance what isn’t serving us well. Join me for one-to-one holistic coaching, group wellness programs, online short courses, a yoga class or a meditation event. I would love to work together if you yearn for more alignment, awareness and balance in your life. Book a free chat with me via my website to talk about what you where you would like change.
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