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Unlocking your innate natural beauty and nurturing your soul.
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Organic Skincare and Perfumes, All Botanical Candles and Room Fragrances.

Due to allergies and sensitivities of her own and in her family, our Founder Kirsty has developed a collection of all natural organic skincare, perfumes and home fragrancing,  to ensure the purity of ingredients and optimal outcome for the well being of her valued customers. Kirsty's experience in formulating all of the Zing Organics products goes back over 20 years. Kirsty has a particular interest in helping customers with long term aggravated skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema and possesses in depth experience of creating products containing pure essential oil of cannabis flower with impressive results in regard to skin healing and also easing pain, anxiety and sleep issues. Kirsty is interested in all aspects of holistic well being and is a Qualified Reiki Master and Pranayama Breathwork Instructor. You'll either find her in her quirky workshop in historic Tarbert, deep in a forest nearby meditating or wild swimming in West Kintyre near her home. The widest range of Zing Organics products are available online if you are unable to visit our workshop in Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Argyll. Please follow all our social media channels!
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