The Handbook for Health & Well-Being Transformed into Retreats and Festivals

In the East, it is well understood that we are part of the elements, and our balance within them keeps us in harmony. In the West, our disconnection from nature has made us sicker as we stay inside more. Central heating keeps us at the same temperature, the food is barely even food, and the medicines often have more side effects than the disease itself.

Our lack of light, fresh air, connection to the Earth, which has been cut off by plastic soles in our shoes, has led to poor energy levels and ultimately dis-ease.

Meanwhile, the medicine that nature provides for us - that we call weeds - we destroy with carcinogenic sprays, in our bid for the manicured lawn that sustains zero life.

Scottish Foraging Guide

Our book, Scotland's Wild Medicine, brings this ancient knowledge back to you, along with techniques you can use, plants you can forage, and recipes and medicines you can make for you and your family. The seasonal guide is both practical and beautiful, detailing what you can find on your doorstep each month of the year.

This was a collaborative project between Heal Scotland founder, Lilia Sinclair, and 3 other incredible women. Co-authored by qualified medical herbalist, Clare Holohan, of West Highland Herbal, editorial by Jane Wright, and stunning photography by Eilidh Cameron. The book has now been brought to life through Wild Medicine Retreats and Festivals.

Scotland's Wild Medicine Retreats

Twice a year, Lilia and Clare bring the book to life with incredibly immersive and educational retreats, one in Winter and one in Spring.

Are you needing some help with your mental, emotional, and physical health or are you keen to stay well?

Maybe you just need to pause, step back from life, take a break and reset?

Do you want to add a whole toolkit of tricks to your wellness practices?

Then these retreats are for you!  Here's what you can expect...

  • Foraging Walks with herbalist Clare Holohan.
  • Practical session including medicinal foods
  • Intuitive herbalism: learn to meet our plant allies on a deeper level
  • Comfortable, cosy accommodation
  • Breathing and focused breathwork with Lilia
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Delicious, nutritious organic food, some grown on the land, some foraged. All made with love by Clare and Lilia.
  • Letting go with the power of the 5 elements and other techniques
  • Forest Bathing: reconnect and release in the magic of the woods.
  • Meditation and guided visualisations.
  • FUN, play, singing, drumming and connection with likeminded people

Long weekends from Thursday to Monday at Lochaline, staying at at the Hihland Basecamp. This event will help you take back your power, reconnect with nature, heal, release resistance and feel truly alive. Full details and dates are available via our events page.

Scotland's Wild Medicine Festivals

Heal Scotland's first ever festival took place in Tarbert, Loch Fyne in April 2023. It was such a success, that the event is now an annual fixture. In addition to returning to Tarbert, there will also be a second festival on the Isle of Skye.

Very much following the format of the book, the festival focuses on reconnecting with nature and brings people together for an unforgettable weekend of fun, learning, and connection. From foraging walks, food talks and workshops, to yoga, Qi gong, sound baths, practitioner presentations, Wim Hof Method workshops, comedy, live music, and more! There's something for everyone at the festivals so look out for the full programmes via the events calendar.

View the programme for the festival in Tarbert and book your tickets!
View the programme and book your tickets for Skye.
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