Why are we getting sick, and how do we get better?

We have unprecedented levels of sickness in our World now. Auto immune disease, cancers, heart disease, and strokes to outline them all in a nutshell.

But apart from a tiny percentage, all diseases (according to Bruce Lipton's research, which says that only 1% is actually genetic) have exactly the same underlying issues.

3 reasons we get sick:

Toxicity & Deficiency (2 sides of the same coin)

Too much stress, high inflammation, too much toxicity, and not enough nutrition. This is a totally different way to view what the body is doing.

Liken it to an aquarium where there is an ecosystem going on that requires balance in terms of clean water, plants, salt, and critters that live in and on everything there.

When the water adversely changes in condition and temperature, the entire thing can die off - and our bodies are identical to that.

We have 10 times the amount of microbes than we have cells, we are literally a living ecosystem with trillions of living organisms making their home on and in us.

Stress and inflammation can be caused by many things - poor gut health, hormone imbalance, emotional stress, and traumas.

It can also come from poor diet, alcohol, legal and illegal drugs, fizzy drinks, smoking, and lack of light and exercise.

But it's not all our fault, not by a long shot.

Our decimation of the soil and chemicalization of our water means we are all depleted in essential minerals that the body uses for repair and health, plus our destruction of real food, processing, additives, chemicals and the like increase our toxic load.

A Balanced Ecosystem

When we take pharmaceutical drugs, ingest heavy metals (via a needle or 'silver' fillings from the dentist), this ecosystem gets knocked out of balance. Fungus comes to help break down the mess, then the parasites and bacteria grow, and a few decades later you have eco carnage, i.e. auto immune disease.

In our instant-everything culture, it can be hard for us to understand that things that happened early doors, even in the womb, can affect our health decades later. Our current system looks at symptoms and we divide the body into parts when it actually works as a whole.

This shift in perception allows us to understand ourselves (and our cells!) more fully. Helps us to realise that we, the spirit inside the body, can affect everything in there with what we think, feel, see, do, believe, perceive, eat, and drink along with who we hang out with and what they are doing to their cells.

Mark Hyman said it perfectly in a Tweet:

"It's not willpower but people power"

We are being heavily influenced by those around us.

Then the gut can become inflamed, the toxins build up, we feel and experience more stress, make poor choices, and our bodies start to experience dis-ease. And each body breaks down slightly differently.

It will knock for a while, and we ignore it, or patch up the symptoms with drugs, wine, shopping etc.

Then it knocks louder.

Then more plasters.

Then louder until we get the “label”, i.e. a diagnosis.

That's when the trouble can really begin, especially if it is followed with an incurable or terminal prognosis. Therein lies another long blog about the power of the spoken word and beliefs of others.

So what can we do as a nation? For Free.

Preventing, reducing, and even eliminating the harmful levels of stress, inflammation, and toxicity in our bodies may be easier than you think. It all starts with the lifestyle that we lead.

Get into nature, a forest, a beach, a garden and hang out there until your brain re-calibrates with the natural Schumann wave, the resonance of the planet.

Get your shoes off and do some deep breathing under the trees if possible.

Get into the river, sea, puddle, or shower and feel the cold.

Learn how to let go of negative feelings and how to stop believing everything you think.

Be mindful of what you are consuming daily - diet and otherwise.

Hang out with people who make you laugh and do fun things.

Watch comedy.

Socialise with music and relax and have fun.

Try not to over-work yourself into a state of burnout.

Grow our own food, share and swap with others in our communities, join local initiatives and take the action to be part of the change, if you are able and willing.

This has to be a groundswell of like minded peeps, being the change we want to see in the World, it starts inside each one of us with one thing...desire.

Oct 15, 2021

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