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Mental Health

The Superpower of Letting Go: How to release the Torments of Your Mind to Live a Better Life

What does "letting go" really mean? How and why should you do it? Releasing the triggers of your past experiences can open you up to massive personal growth and emotional freedom so that you can overcome those recurring blocks and live the life that you really want. What's more, you can do it with these simple, accessible techniques and a bit of ongoing practice. Here's how...
New Science

13 of the Best Self-Healing Books that will Change the Way You Look at Health Forever

New scientific research and discovery open up a whole new world and way of addressing our health concerns. True health goes beyond good diet and exercise with a few supplements thrown in for good measure. We are not merely chemical beings - we are electro-magnetic energy, we are powerful, we can change, and we can heal. In this post, founder Lilia Sinclair rounds up her favourite reads from the new scientists who are leading the way in health & wellness.
Nutrition & Food

Unstoppable Mums on a Mission - Feeding & Fuelling Our Kids

Mums are still responsible for buying 80-85% of the food for the family/household. Therefore, it falls upon us to buy foods that will nourish our children’s bellies, bodies, and brains.
Nutrition & Food

How Your Guts are Affecting Your Health

There are 10 times as many microbes on the body as there are cells and the ones that live inside our digestive system are the ones that seem to be very easy to imbalance. So how can we help this ecosystem?
New Science

The Importance of Community and Altruism

In order to meet our basic human needs and live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives, we can no longer disregard the power of coming together in communities and giving back.

Can Nature Really Help You Heal?

The short answer is: Yes! Where is the science? Well, actually, there’s a ton of it…

How to Use Your Breath as Medicine

Taking a mindful and conscious approach to how you breathe is truly transformative to your health.

The 3 Causes of all Dis-Ease (and What You Can Do About It)

Stress, inflammation, and toxicity are the main causes of all our dis-ease and discomfort. But we can do something about it by addressing our lifestyle and making some simple changes.