Women's Well-being Events in Scotland

The Goddess Gatherings are Heal Scotland's original well-being event created for women, by women and designed to unite and inspire women to embrace their divine femininity and create lasting change. These gatherings bring women of all walks of life together to connect, collaborate, and learn from the some of the country's best and most passionate practitioners, healers, and guides in the wellness sector.

Originally launched in 2017 as a retreat in Argyll, the Goddess Gathering has since grown and evolved into a two-day in-person event that tours across Scotland to facilitate learning, networking, and skill-sharing while celebrating what is strong in our communities up and down the country.

The next tour takes place from Winter 2023 to Spring 2024, with the unique and exciting theme "Enter the Field of Inner Knowing". There's a Goddess Gathering coming to a city near you soon! From Edinburgh and Glasgow to Dundee, Aberdeen, and Inverness, check out the events listings below for full details on each event and to book your place.

Enter the Field of Inner Knowing

Is the change coming through Western women as the Dalai Lama is reported to have said?

What does it mean to enter the field of inner knowing?

Why have we carefully designed these weekends to be run all over the country?

When we look around at the chaos on this planet, we really have no way of knowing who is telling the truth. It seems obvious that some people are doing great work, then the next thing you hear is about the dark side...and you have no idea what to believe.

Bought science, highest disease rates in human history, greedy corrupt tech and capitalist companies, government officials receiving large sums of money to lie to us...it's impossible to know who to trust.

But there is a Universal Truth.

And for each of us living in this subjective Universe, these truths can be very individual to us, as we use our subjective perception to see the world.This is clearly filtered through our past, our experiences, our culture, and so on. We have also been programmed by ourselves and well-meaning others to be a certain way.

If we as women are to stand in our power, fully own our own state of being, we need to transmute some of the old information held in the body so that we can see our future dreams, what we want to create, clearly without fear.

So these weekends are thoughtfully designed for you to Enter the Field of Inner Knowing - your intuition, your inner voice, your guidance, and create a deeper relationship with it, one of Trust.

Your guides for the weekend all have their own personal experiences with fear and healing, along with the other curve balls life throws! You will learn powerful techniques that you can practise and hone in your own time, that will help you trust the most powerful sense we possess - our heart, our intuition.

Come and join us for this journey to the inner-verse, where magic unfolds as we discover who we truly are and why we are here.

Your Guides for the Weekend

This season of gatherings are co-hosted by Lilia Sinclair, Jennifer Main, and Julie Foubister, plus local guests from each of the host cities and surrounding areas. Enter the Field of Inner Knowing with us, see the magnificence of you, and how you can harness the power of the innerverse for greater levels of peace and joy.

About Lilia Sinclair

Founder of Heal Scotland and co-author of Scotland's Wild Medicine, for over 4 decades Lilia has had an unexplained obsession about health.

Sister to 5 siblings, mother to 3 children and grandchildren - alongside talking to people all day everyday in the hair salon - human behaviours, feelings, beliefs, and perceptions have always fascinated her.

Why do we get sick, and how can we get better without causing anymore issues down the road?

Why do we not eat the food we know is good for us? Move more, sing more, dance more, the list goes on and on. Why do we self destruct and then feel guilty?

From nutrition, every fitness craze, mind-body-soul energy healings, reconnection to nature, and to each other, back to communities, she has studied it all.  Lilia is passionate about letting go of the past, the stories, the hurts, betrayals and beyond and guides people with hopeless diagnoses back to their inner truth and HOPE.

"So, who are we and why are we here? Our mind is our superpower, or not. Our understanding that we are energy beings alongside the physical is crucial. That we are an ecosystem that needs daily tending, connection, inclusion, kindness and fun. With some of the world's cutting edge technology at our disposal, including the latest Biofield and Chakra Viewer, you will get the chance to see it with your own eyes, how your electromagnetic field is affected by perceptions, beliefs and of course, actions".

About Jennifer Main

Jennifer believes that her work is a calling, an act of service, with a duty to hold high standards for learning and practice, to set healthy boundaries for graceful awakening and intuitive development, and to inspire others to recognise their own potential and gifts.  Her own Divine Gifts include expanded intuition, a clear understanding of the subconscious mind, and the capacity to deeply embody the various planes and vibrations of existence, in all that she does. Her approach is grounded in humanity, connected with the physical, embracing the mind & intuition, so that issues are addressed holistically, creating alignment of mind, body, & spirit.

Having lived her life as a bridge between human and divine, she learned from an early age to witness the energy around, and to follow her intuition to navigate the world. Professionally speaking, she has learned through extremes having worked with beautiful beings at the worst points in their lives, coping with addiction, homelessness, incarceration, and witnessed how the alchemy of courage and consciousness can inspire change. She now has the great privilege of guiding incredible healers, entrepreneurs, leaders, and creative beings to share their gifts with the world, helping them to tap into their natural creative states and embody their gifts every day.

Jennifer lives every day as a dedicated 'Psychonaut', having spent decades formally studying Psychology, Leadership, Flow & Peak States, Meditation, various forms of Healing, Plant and Natural Medicines, the Laws of Existence, Astrology, and the Science behind the Mystical. She utilises this knowledge and embodied experience to support initiates through extreme experiences in a grounded way, creating transformational and transcendent events and sessions, both for individuals and groups. Her mission in this lifetime is to initiate deep and meaningful transformation, guiding others through the process of self-liberation, with clarity and compassion.

About Julie Foubister

As a cancer thriver and founder of Thriver Hive, Julie is passionate about empowering others to embrace life fully despite a diagnosis and/or other life-changing challenges. Her journey through illness led her to discover the incredible strength we have within, propelling her to help others uncover their own innate capacity to overcome adversity. Keen to show as many people as possible that there is no special abilities required, and that anyone who has experienced turmoil can use these times as a catalyst to lasting transformation, she is a firm believer that "If I can do it, anyone can do it!". 

Julie guides individuals through their own transformative journeys, drawing upon personal experience, as well as training in the areas of Transformational Coaching, Meaning & Purpose, Resilience, Meditation & Mindfulness, Herbal Medicine and Reiki. Over the last 3 years, Julie has developed a unique Thriver-ship program that equips individuals with the tools to navigate their challenges, in a down-to-earth and easy-to-understand way.

"I am delighted to be collaborating with Lilia and Jennifer at The Goddess Gatherings, where we will be providing a safe space to explore the depths of our inner wisdom, where individuals can let go of fears and doubts, and step into who they truly are. Together, we'll navigate the path of healing, growth, and self-discovery, guided by the beacon of our inner knowing. Join me on this transformative journey as we empower ourselves to live a life we truly love, regardless of the challenges we face."