About The Founder

Meet Lilia 'Let-it-Go' Sinclair

Oldest of six children, mother of three and Gaga to three grandchildren, Lilia is a Health Coach, Nutritionist, Energy Healer, and emotional release expert from Argyll on the West coast of Scotland.

Through her lifelong learning and and having helped hundreds of people navigate and resolve their health issues and concerns, she has realised that good health is not only about diet and exercise, but also about understanding that we are energetic beings whose 'programmes' conditioning, habits and traumas are held in the subconscious mind.

She uses a variety of techniques to help people release the emotional burdens of the past, and in 2017 founded Heal Scotland with an ambitious mission to change the trajectory of Scotland's health picture.

Lilia's Path in Health & Well-Being

Brought up in a small town on the West coast of Scotland, teacher’s daughter and big sister to 4 brothers and 1 sister, my childhood and life was as you'd expect. I went to school with the other local children, we went to the cafes, hung out at the front green...eventually all going to the same bars, and I still have a lot of the same friends today that I've had most of my life.

Me and my two best friends had nine kids between us, who all grew up together. But life changed dramatically when Johanna, Angela’s oldest daughter, was diagnosed with Leukaemia at 15 years old.

At an age when your biggest worries should be about school, bitchy girls, boys that you fancy, and what to wear to the disco, this was a curveball that took us all to our knees.

She lived another transformational 12 years, during which time she had a bone marrow transplant, which ironically ended up being what killed her.

I watched her go from appointment to appointment, the fear building, the careless words of some experts, the suffering that spread out from the family to all our friends and family. None of it sat well with me.

I became obsessed with 2 things:

1. Why does your immune system let you down?

2. There must be a less barbaric way to heal, what is it?

That's what has taken me to where I am today - and it's been one helluva ride!

A New Way of Thinking

For years, I thought it was about nutrition and exercise.

Then I realised it was about the mind, especially the subconscious mind, which I was completely unaware of years ago - I didn’t even know it existed!

That led me to learn that there is something science calls the ‘Unified Field’. I think others call it God. There is an intelligence that we can choose to tune into, or not, but it looks like it can be hugely helpful for healing.

I could list all the things that I have studied, but I truly believe they are irrelevant now.

Knowledge doesn’t heal people, action does. Now is the time for action.

I am a human being with a humane mission: to alleviate and stop the suffering caused from fear of the body and the current system. I study daily with the people that attract, inspire, inform and resonate with me. The people who have helped me get the answer to the above questions. I understand that we have not arrived at a place of knowing everything, but we certainly are heading in the right direction.

It is time to move on from the now outdated view of Newtonian physics, into the new quantum world, where life becomes much lighter and way more exciting.

Where we understand that chopping the body up and giving it drugs, and explaining the worst case scenario is going to be a thing of the past.

That we have the power to affect our cells with our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions, emotions and faith. For better or for worse. Free will.

This may be a huge leap for you, or not, depending on what you have been reading, studying, listening and watching. But we have the science to back all of this, and it has not made its way into mainstream medicine yet.

So, my mission is to change that. And so Heal Scotland was born.

This is a time to step into our power, to fully educate "ourcellves" on our inner power and abilities.

Much love, appreciation and gratitude
​- Lilia