Can nature really help you heal?

The short answer is: Yes!

Where is the science? Well, actually, there’s  a ton of it…

Cold Water Exposure

Thanks to the incredible human that is Wim Hof, the text books on the nervous system are currently being rewritten.  Where we were previously told that we had no influence over this part of us, that the body just did things whether we liked it or not, we now know differently.

Thanks to Wim, who holds 26 World records on all sorts of mind-boggling, body-impossible feats like staying in ice for nearly 2 hours and climbing Mount Everest in a pair of shorts, he has shown us categorically that we have way more power than we realised.

Wild Swimming for Health & Vitality

This is great news in terms of healing and he has done us all a massive favour by teaching us how to breathe to release certain chemistry and how to use cold water to reset the bodies systems and boost our immune system. Check him and the science out here.

That's not to say you have to go straight for an ice bath a day - start with a cold shower or, if you are near the coast, I'd thoroughly recommend a dook for some extra Vitamin Sea!

Forest Bathing

‘Shinrin Yoku’ emerged in Japan in the 1980s, with numerous studies highlighting the health benefits of forest bathing by measuring the direct effects of being with the trees for periods of time, and how this lowers our adrenalin in as little as 15 minutes and increases our natural killer cells over a period of days. 

The magnificent healing power of trees

The chemicals the trees give off are hugely beneficial to the human body when absorbed and inhaled. Doesn’t it explain and confirm that wonderful sense of calm you feel when walking through a forest? Trees really are awesome, in the truest, most literal sense of the word. Try it out! Again, you can read more about the power of the forest and its healing properties here.

Grounding or Earthing

Quite simply, this means walking barefoot on the grass or sand, which is also hugely beneficial for us humans. Clint Ober, who was a cable TV salesman and engineer, noticed that humans were not earthed due to the plastic in our shoes. He started experimenting with copper wire in his shoes and bedding, in a rustic attempt to help himself and his friends take in the Earth's energy all day.

Grounding from the energy of the earth

The body has an electrical, magnetic force within and around it that most of us ignore. We need to be charged, just like our devices, in order to stay on full power. And it’s as easy as taking your shoes off! Cool, eh? Learn more about it here.

These are simple and free things that you can do today to help your cells and boost your immune system. Recharge and reconnect. 

Oct 20, 2021

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