The New Scientists Leading the Way in Health & Wellness

New scientific research and discovery open up a whole new world and way of addressing our health concerns. True health goes beyond good diet and exercise with a few supplements thrown in for good measure. We are not merely chemical beings - we are electro-magnetic energy, we are powerful, we can change, and we can heal. In this post, founder Lilia Sinclair rounds up her favourite reads from the new scientists.

Biology of Belief - Bruce Lipton

When I heard about this book on an audio that my friend sent me, everything fell into place. That our beliefs and emotions affect the membrane, wall of the cell, and the impact our emotions and beliefs have on our ph levels, absorption, and energy flow amongst a host of other things, but most importantly our outcomes. Our biology of belief is guiding the cells in the direction of our attention and intention. This is critical knowledge for those who are inspiring people and helping them to achieve their goals, whether that is in relation to health, wealth, or relationships.

Understanding that we are not a victim of our genes, our fate, or our family but the Master of it, via the power of what we believe. And the power to change when our heart desires and demands it. A belief is simply a thought that has been repeated over and over, and most of them we have taken unconsciously from others. Wow. Think about what you can achieve when you wake up to that power?

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Fast 800 - Michael Mosley

I stopped reading any books about food a while ago as the confusion and mix of right and wrong caused more stress than relief for me and my clients. But this book is genius, easy to follow and filled with actual science that dispels myths that needed shattered. When you eat, how much weight you lose in the early stages, how to balance your blood sugar and 100% get the results you need from weight loss to greater health. A website with tons of recipes and testimonies, everything you need for free to get results. 

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You Are The Placebo - Joe Dispenza

Most of us have heard about the power of the mind for healing, but nobody explains it quite so succinctly and clearly as our very own Dr Joe. He has been measuring brain frequencies for years, examining hearts and brains and how the body responds to meditation, intention, words and focus. He is our modern day Jesus and sells out his advanced courses in under an hour, teaching thousands of people a year how to change their energy for greater levels of health, wealth and happiness. If you doubt how powerful you are, how dangerous the words of medics can be to your destiny, then you must read this book and protect yourself and your family from others words and opinions, ensuring that the only thing that goes through your body is faith and the information of where you want to go.

A remarkable man helping people get real time healings, inspiring others to stand in their power and take control of their minds to create the life of their own dreams and no one else's.

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The Power of 8 - Lynne McTaggart

I have devoured all of Lynne's books in absolute awe. Her research and information is super fascinating and exciting, and this last book which talks about not only the power of prayer, but the power of the energy coming through the person praying or intending, and the profound results that they experience simply by being the conduit.

If you are intrigued by the power of intention and how it can work in your family and communities to help you heal, then this book is a must for you. The conclusion is that community and altruism heals. We are designed to live in cooperation and serve each other, even science says so.

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Chasing the Scream - Johan Hari

We have serious addiction problems in the West, with people suffering and dying due to abuse and trauma, as well as cultural, inherited, and learned behaviours. This book totally transformed the way I looked at this problem, but most of all it gives you a clear insight into not only the causes, but the solutions too. What a brilliant man, and what a powerful book - read it!

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Entangled Life - Merlin Sheldrake

Son of Rupert Sheldrake, a well known biologist and author, Merlin became fascinated with the 'wood wide web' - the fungi and the relationships and entanglement that binds us together from beneath the forest floor. How these symbiotic relationships work, the intelligence and communication between the plants and how they know their families. Expand your mind and go on a journey with this beautiful soul - you will never put your foot on this earth the same way again.

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Breathe - James Nestor

A journalist and researcher, James Nestor set out to see what all the fuss was about breathing. Little did he know that his book would help millions and, following on the heels of Wim Hof, wake us up in the West to the power right under our noses. How we have drifted so far from our natural state, how breathing through our mouth stresses the body long-term and diminishes our life force. The power of chewing, the importance of our teeth, gums, mouth, and full breathing apparatus and why everyone in their right mind needs to know this, from childhood up.

This information is critical to your long term health. Buy the book here.

The Wim Hof Method - Wim Hof

What can I say about this legend and the huge favour he has done to humanity in helping waking us up to the power of nature, the breath, and the cold.

They are having to rewrite the science books because of what he has demonstrated in his 26 world record-breaking feats. Overriding the nervous system, influencing the genetic expression, killing the bacteria and invaders the body does not need. If you are in any doubt about your power to heal, then best to read this. Because you have it, and it is all in your mind.

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Molecules of Emotion - Candace Pert

I read this book possibly 30 years ago and it changed my relationship with this body I am in. That our emotional reactions and responses are having a physical effect on our biology is widely known now, but back then this was news to us all. This woman was discredited for years for speaking out about some egos and BS in the scientific world, but she broke through the mire and transcribes it beautifully in her written word.

We are emotional beings generating energy and frequencies every moment of every day, affecting and infecting the cells along the way, giving them expanded or contracted information en route. This book explains why it is essential to let go.

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The Secrets of your Cells - Dr Sondra Barrett

My obsession about the inside of the body may come from the scientific mind of my dad. The chemistry, the biology, the expression of genes, how food, emotions and the 5 elements affect how we feel, believe and perceive.  Sondra's insights through her career are beyond fascinating and exciting. How she came to “see” things a bit differently through the microscopic camera lens and how that has shaped her work and findings. Take a deep dive inside the cells with this book and be utterly amazed.

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The Divine Matrix - Greg Braden

Greg has been travelling the world learning from the indigenous and, like many of our new scientists, he has more than one brilliant book. I chose this one as yet again it explains the interconnection, the matrix. How we can use this information to heal suffering, creating peace and bringing more joy into our lives. He explains things in a really easy to understand way. 

Bridging science and spirituality in a non woo-woo way that everyone can enjoy.

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A New Earth - Eckhart Tolle

Probably more famous for his other brilliant book, The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle teaches millions around the globe how to relieve suffering by being present in the moment. A New Earth is a genius, honest message about how our egos cause some of our insane behaviours and how we need to move out of that consciousness for true health and happiness.

Who we are is so much more than this blah, blah, blah mind and Eckhart tells it like no other. Are you ready to look at yer cell?

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The Holographic Universe - Michael Talbot

Another ground-breaking book which explores the nature of the Universe and all that we know on this Planet. He dives into what is holographic in nature and that miracles do happen - not because they are miracles, but because of the energetic nature of the world and our consciousness, and what it can achieve when we truly understand and allow a massive shift in perception.

A ground breaking challenge to old belief systems, only go there if your ego is in check and you are willing to explore other realms of potential realities.

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Why People Can Heal But Don't - Caroline Myss

The classic phrase, 'liars don't heal', was coined by this literal genius. Trained by nuns and versed in every religion and belief system on Earth, her approach to healing is too honest for some to bear. Our mentality, our beliefs about being powerless, a victim, and how that affects our energy body. Another true light in this crazy world, if you are ready for some truth, then Caroline is your woman.

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Hands of Light - Barbara Brennan

This woman is a true Goddess in the energy healing community. She explains the physics behind the body and its magnificent energy field and how we as humans can harness that power for healing. How we can influence disturbances in our fields, and create harmony in our health, wealth and relationships. If you want to fully understand the power within you, in your hands to help other's energy fields, then this is the book for you.

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Nov 30, 2021
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