Have you got the guts?

The latest information we are getting about the gut is truly mind blowing.

There are 10 times as many microbes in the body as there are cells and the ones that live inside our digestive system are the ones that seem to be very easy to imbalance. This causes a dysbiosis in our “ecosystem” that can create all kinds of different symptoms in our bodies, leading to autoimmune issues and other problems.

Like a healthy aquarium that supports healthy fish, we need pure water, sodium and good, healthy bacteria, working together in symbiosis to maintain a terrain that invokes vitality and life. If not, disease will appear.

Due to drugs, legal and illegal, alcohol, processed foods, pasteurisation, pesticides, fizzy drinks, sugar-laden snacks, hydrogenated fats, excess salt, and the biggie - stress - now a lot of us are experiencing digestive, hormonal, and immune issues.

The great thing about it is that we can make choices that can really help our digestive system thrive and rebalance itself. If we accept that a large percentage of our problems are due to our lifestyle choices, then the encouraging news is that things will improve when we make new ones.

So what can we do? What simple choices can we make to support the microbiome and improve our overall health? And have you got the guts to make the change?

One of the most beautiful perceptive teachers who connects soil health to gut health and sees the whole picture is Dr Zach Bush. His kind, compassionate but powerful, cutting edge information, grounded in real, unpaid for science clearly shows the interconnection of all things and our place in it. You can read his blog on microbiome revolution here.

His entire site will educate and inspire you on his work to inspire intelligent, regenerative farming and how chemical farming is destroying human health.

So what can we do to make it easier on the gut?

  • Grow your own if possible, even some greens on your window sill
  • Choose organic if you can or join a community garden
  • Diversity, eat the rainbow, get a seasonal variety across the board
  • Have raw fruit and veg in the warmer months
  • Soak your nuts and seeds in water to hydrate them and start the germination process
  • Eat fermented products and live foods every day
  • Drink some fermented drinks, little and often
  • Use sourdough if you have to eat bread, ensure your flour is non-GMO and organic

Little and often, small things daily helps the body restore and replenish.

It's the things we do daily that make us well or sick.

Be honest and journal what you and your family are eating, then you know where the changes need to be made.

Be honest, have fun and make great, nutritious, healing food a priority.

Nov 8, 2021
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