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Mums are still responsible for buying 80-85% of the food for the family/household. Therefore, it falls upon us to buy foods that will nourish our children’s bellies, bodies, and brains.

How can we help our kids be the best, most vital and alive form of themselves without creating more guilt, work and stress in the already busy home life?

A great place to start…

  • Eliminate foods that are genetically modified, i.e. the body doesn't recognise them
  • Avoid foods that have been sprayed with known carcinogens (such as Round Up and glyphosate) and choose organic where possible.

Easier said than done? I hear ya! These choices aren't straightforward. Organic food has a cost attached to it, so growing your own fresh produce is ideal…but also impossible for a lot of us. Growing your own kitchen garden takes time and skill. But we have to start somewhere, work with what we've got and what we can afford, and move towards a higher percentage of good, nutritious fuel for our wee ones.

What Can We Work Towards?

Community gardens are a brilliant solution - the workload and knowledge can be shared and it can be a way to socialise and bring all ages together.

Education is key. Helping our children understand the importance of live nutrition and getting them involved in simple, safe ways that again, keep the stress and the mess down. Doing these things outside can be helpful, but not always possible in our interesting climate.

Encouraging kids with more live foods, ferments, and sourdoughs (partially broken down) - all of which assist the body to digest and create more energy and clarity in the body-mind.

Avoidance of toxins in water, air (wi-fi), household cleaners, personal use products and toothpaste are other great ways to lighten the load on our young peoples bodies, giving them the best opportunities and chance for a healthy, happy life.

But the most important thing, yet again, is community.

A strong, resilient community that respects and honours everyone it it. Where we support the teachers, the children, and the parents to be and get the best nutrition, education, and support.

That we may move away from a culture of blaming, complaining, and shaming and instead lift up our intention to one of cooperation and collaboration.

This is the new way to think, feel, be, see and do.

It probably won't happen overnight, but it can be a great collective goal, that will serve every single one of us.

What Can We Do Today?

How can we ensure our children's health and happiness is being nutritionally cared for today - right here in the present?

Simple things like cutting up carrots, peppers, cucumber, apple (and any other raw fruit or veg in season) that will give them live enzymes, only found in raw food. This helps put life into their bellies and ensure healthy digestion and absorption.

Make smoothies, putting carrots or broccoli in with some fruit to sneak a few raw veggies in! But be careful as too much fruit sugar can imbalance their systems and we want them to chew to develop their jaw and breathing apparatus through their noses. This has a long term impact on teeth and oral health.

Soups and stews are also a great way to sneak veggies in, but if you are serious you must get this amazing book by Joanna Blythman: ‘The Food Our Children Eat, How to Get Children to Like Good Food’. She shines light on why we have “picky” eaters and what we can do about it.

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Nov 20, 2021
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